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Your ability to drive change is pivotal for creating an outstanding CX.

The Weekly Boardroom

  • An exclusive group of company leaders* meeting for eight 90-minute online sessions
  • Learn and apply our proven methodology of ‘Transformation Mechanics’ and Change Leadership that will help propel your Customer Experience to the next level
  • Leadership that will help propel your Customer Experience to the next level
  • The program includes the preparation of your individual challenge, and continuous doses of best practices, inspiration, and energy
  • An open environment that allows all members to learn from their executive-level peers while holding each other accountable and gaining insights through interactive feedback

*We make sure there are no conflicts of interest between participants

Upcoming program starting dates


1st, 2023



12th, 2023

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2nd, 2023

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6th, 2023

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CX Executive Retreat

Do you want to get better at navigating your Customer Experience and addressing the struggles that are beyond your direct control?

Our CX Retreat is a forum for leaders to exchange ideas, see what solutions others are finding, and catch up on the latest developments in the CX space, benchmark, and positioning. Our approach is strategic, yet we promise you will walk away with solutions and plans that can be translated into action immediately. 3 days that make a difference.

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1:1 Executive Coaching

Our approach will help you, leader, to work with your coach in a safe way to gain awareness of your customers’ wants and needs as well as the status of your employees’ abilities and internal processes.

You’ll be able to identify gaps, clarify goals, work on your behaviors, and develop experience strategies that will give your organization the “north star” to bring the experience strategies to life.

Our coaches have extensive corporate experience and deep knowledge of leadership transformation programs that will help leaders to create the best-in-class Customer Experience.

The duration of the assignment and session times can be scheduled to fit your busy agenda.

Team Coaching

When employees are aware of their direct impact on the Customer Experience, they can become active agents of transformation and improvement.

Team coaching creates the conditions to create an internal experience between team members and departments, enabling them to redefine how they work together, removing silos, increasing collaboration, and creating a real impact both internally and externally.

Teams will meet online with their coach for eight 90-minute online sessions. We'll connect using familiar tools like Zoom, Teams & Miro. Each group may have up to 12 participants.

The findings and actions identified via CX Team Assessment will be the foundation and starting point of this work, that will lead to creating a real customer-centric culture.