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Everyone at mab has experience as a corporate employee. Most of us, for decades. We all came to a point in our lives when serving the business world from an independent position with an outside perspective made more sense than following the daily grind of corporate life.

At mab, we are focused on providing services that cannot be generated from within an organization. There are clear limits on how much a leader can coach her employees, how a corporate strategy group can drive new ideas or how in-house project managers run interventions and initiatives. As outside partners to leaders and their teams, we focus on building deep, trustful relationships, which in return allows us to bring value to individuals’ development and the growth of their businesses.

Inspired by our immense success, which left us humble and very thankful, we’ve decided to explore new ways to increase our reach. We wanted to help, support, and enthuse more people than we possibly could with our business model as traveling consultants. In countless projects with some of the biggest names in the industry, we had developed, tested, and rolled out the most effective tools to transform business models. And now, with mabcx, we’ve found the perfect vehicle to bring that exact knowledge in a compact, affordable format to many more. With no compromise on the quality. And a very particular focus.

mabcx tackles one of the most pressing questions of the business realm of the early 21st century: how do I stand out and win loyal customers when basically every product and service has become a commodity? When everything I do is either already existing or is being copied shortly after I’ve brought it to the market?

The answer is terribly simple in theory but tricky in execution: businesses need to find much better ways to connect with their customers. They need to develop systematic and reliable relationship-building skills. Nothing can be left to chance. Every interaction with a customer on any level at any time is a make-or-break situation. And it needs the whole organization to understand and live by that philosophy.

With mabcx, we want nothing less than to infuse entire organizations with customer obsession and help them stand out. It’s a kind of magic.