It is a compact 4-week transformational process that enables your entire organization to deliver a reliable and repeatable customer experience. In only four weeks, an internal team of up to 12 participants will work to collect and evaluate data, including org-wide surveys and interviews; create or update the CX framework, including customer journey and moments that matter for customers; get the leadership team on board with the outcome; and work with tools to start the kick-off of the transformation to improve the organization’s CX.

    It’s a two-half-day session in which participants learn the mechanics of Customer Experience (CX), including an in-depth introduction to the key elements of CX and how to create an action plan for immediate implementation.

    A set of offers to leaders committed to improving the customer experience of their organizations. It includes the following programs: The Weekly Boardroom, the CX Executive Retreat, 1:1 Executive Coaching, and Team Coaching.

    This is the first step to understanding your organization’s readiness to create and improve an excellent customer Experience (CX), combining three dimensions: Customer-Focused Culture, Change Readiness, CX Tools & Systems. The Assessment Analysis & Debrief is a 2-hour online-only meeting for companies to understand better the CX Team Assessment results. Mabcx experts facilitate the session.

    The CX Free Assessment is the easiest and fastest way to get a sense of how customer-centric your organization is. It provides a report with recommendations of steps to help your organization to choose the best mabcx programs to their organizations.

    Users can pay by Credit Card (using the PayPal gateway payment) or request information/invoice to pay by Bank Direct Deposit. Payment option is made at the time of check-out.

    Customers around the world have come to expect more than just a product or service from a business. Many large multinational companies have created a focus on an amazing customer experience resulting in long-term, costly effects. The experience deepens the relationships and enables better growth and a positive work environment.

    This built relationship helps you find better ways to reach your customers, even with products or services that are not cheaper or better.

    It’s how the customers perceive the organization.

    The combination of behaviors, characteristics, and qualities form a unique identity of the organization.

    It has inherited and learned characteristics.

    Inherited: logo, uniforms, packaging, office layout

    Learned: values, behaviors, attitudes, perception.

    Product Oriented Companies (POC) focus on improving their products and measure results in product terms, such as product revenue.

    Customer Oriented Company (COC) focuses on addressing customers’ needs and improving the customer experience. Results are measured in terms of the customer, such as customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and customer satisfaction.

    By focusing on customer needs, companies can improve their products and increase customer satisfaction, promoting their loyalty.

    The most critical touchpoints for our customers. It’s a transformative moment when someone or something creates a lasting emotional impression on how the customer feels and responds to the occasion.

    A moment that matters can reinforce the willingness of the customer to do business with a company or the desire to leave the relationship as soon as possible when not meeting needs, being easy and enjoyable.

    Every interaction a customer has with the organization. It can be a person, a system, a piece of marketing – anything that makes the customer have a relationship with the company.

    Examples: a sales call with an account manager, an email exchange with a Customer Service Representative, a company website, an invoice, the truck that delivers the products, etc.

    It’s a way to understand who customers are and what they want from the company (qualitative) and measure the quality of the Customer Experience and its relationship quantitative). It is the foundation of decision-making and guidance on our Customer Experience.

    The stages a customer goes thru to become aware of, evaluate, purchase, and use a product, integrated solution, or service. A roadmap that walks you through the multiple interactions as the customer becomes aware of our brand and beyond.

    It stands for the understanding that not only a salesperson serves the customer – everyone in the company does. We have visualized the ecosystem in our customer journey by showing the various (internal) departments’ involvement with every customer touchpoint.

    It is the set of all aspects that form the customer experience. This includes but is not limited to employee behaviors, customer mindset, scripts, appearance, Voice of the Customer, etc.

    An excellent Customer Experience is scripted, and all organization members understand their roles and responsibilities. A scripted CX differentiates a “jam band/informal approach” from an “orchestrated” approach to taking care of customers.

    Delivering a reliable and repeatable experience is the core of the Customer Experience Strategy. It happens when the experience is consistent from the customer’s perspective.

    The sum of all experiences and moments a customer has before, after, and while using our company’s products and services. It is an emotional connection that directly affects the customer’s decision-making process.

    What are the three foundational pillars of CX? Product Focused – The ability to produce and deliver products that customers want – not enough to differentiate from the competition.

    Convincingly Efficient– The ease of doing business well received by customers and not achieved by all competitors.

    Winning hearts and minds – The result of the combination of meeting needs, having an easy process to do business & a secret ingredient. This is where we please our customers and ultimately develop a deep relationship that creates loyalty.

    The mabcx team comprises professionals with extensive experience in managing large, multi-year transformational projects. All offers have been developed over several years and are designed to bring entire organizations to understand and serve customers better, improving their Customer Experience. We use an approach of analytics, design tools, leadership alignment, and implementation standards that works. Our programs are sophisticated enough to create extraordinary results while simple enough not to overload the organization.

    mabcx tackles one of the most pressing questions of the business realm of the early 21st century: how to stand out and win loyal customers when basically every product and service has become a commodity. mabcx offers a range of services that enables entire organizations to focus on their customers and be ready to deliver a reliable and repeatable Customer Experience.