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Customer Focus drives Customer Loyalty

Your business cannot succeed without consistent customer focus. Our proven, compact 4-week transformational process enables your entire organization to deliver a reliable and repeatable customer experience.

80% of B2B organizations are still at the beginning stages of using CX as a competitive advantage
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4 Weeks 4 Weeks
Process steps: Assess, Design, Lead and Implement
  • Assess

    Collect and evaluate data. This includes an organization-wide survey, interviews with key members and review of company documents.

  • Design

    Create or update Customer Experience Framework: Customer Journey, Moments that Matter, CX Personality.

  • Lead

    Get the leadership team on board with the outcome, and introduce them to our field-proven implementation standards.

  • Implement

    Train a group of dedicated experts to kick-off and pursue the necessary changes.

Four weeks that will change the way you approach your customers

mabcx is the result of our extensive experience leading large-scale multi-year projects. We have distilled the complex worlds of Customer Experience and effective Organizational Change down to a comprehensive 4-week program full of best practices you can trust.

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