Cover: CX Awareness Training

Your outstanding Customer Experience is brought to life by your people's insight and commitment.

In two half-day sessions, participants will learn the mechanics of Customer Experience (CX), including an in-depth introduction to the key elements of CX and how to create an action plan for immediate implementation.

With your CX coach, your team will build skills, learn behaviors, and understand the "why" in making a difference your customers will love.

Who this class is for

Organizations that strive for the next level of customer-centricity and seek to incorporate CX deeper into their business strategy.

Teams that want to understand how CX is essential for the organization and how everyone's contribution at their closest customer touchpoint matters.

Individuals who want to build a foundation in the CX domain and are eager to apply the learnings to their daily work.

What you will gain/learn

Awareness about CX and understanding how getting it right enhances company value

The knowledge, skills, and tools to understand the world of CX

Where to begin your own CX journey, and how to apply execution styles from best practices around the globe

How to apply the learnings immediately while feeling engaged and empowered

How it works

The CX Awareness training is an online-only experience and consists of two half-days. We'll connect using familiar tools like Zoom, Teams & Miro that help facilitate learning and interaction.

CX Awareness

6000 USD


The agenda and content

Day 1

The first day is about understanding the fundamental principles and definitions of Customer Experience, including case studies and best practices.

Participants will learn about Customer Journey, Touchpoints, Moments that Matter, Voice of the Customer, and how an outstanding CX contributes to the bottom line.

On the second day, we shift into action mode, developing an agile approach to CX based on your own organization's maturity stage.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own examples and work on their 'real life' challenges to apply learnings from the session right away.

Day 2

The training is ideal for a team size of between 6 and 12 participants. In a total of 8 hours, you will have a lot of interaction and fun. Promised!


The CX Awareness Training was eye-opener, interactive, and thought-provoking. Great online learning experience, too!