Cover: Assessment Analysis and Debrief

Assessment Analysis and Debrief

Your team’s alignment and understanding are key to creating a competitive Customer Experience

The CX Team Assessment is your first step into understanding your organization’s readiness to deliver an excellent Customer Experience (CX), combining three different dimensions into one:


CX: Customer-Focused Culture, Change Readiness, CX Tools & Systems

Who this assessment is for

Leadership team(s) members – C-suite, General Managers, Directors – from all departments in the organization – all teams contribute to at least one customer touchpoint that directly affects the company’s customer experience.

What you will gain/ learn

The report will show:

  • your team’s overall perspective,
  • how aligned they are in their perceptions and opinions, and
  • personal insights from each member.

You will gain a level of awareness that allows identification of your blind spots and areas of opportunity.
Additionally, the CX Team Assessment report includes a step-by-step self-guided exercise that is based on our award-winning Debrief.


Assessment Analysis & Debrief


Go further and get deeper insights by booking your 2-hour Debrief session guided by one of our dedicated CX experts.

Book it now and enable the CX Team Assessment participants to start working on their next steps to improve your organization’s customer focus.

You’ll go beyond the common understanding, gain awareness, start building alignment and prepare to take concrete actions to improve your organization’s Customer Experience.

How it works

The Assessment Analysis & Debrief is a 2-hour online-only experience. We’ll connect using familiar tools like Zoom, Teams & Miro.

Our experts will facilitate learning and interaction about the results of the assessment, identifying the major takeaways, and choosing the initial concrete actions that will start creating a direct/tangible impact in your organization.


The results of mabcx were beyond expectations with lots of “a-ha moments”. The team helped us see process gaps, diverging mindsets and the potentials in improving key Moments that Matter for our customers. We felt immediate benefit from the program and are grateful for the immense support from the mabcx team.


Assessment Analysis and Debrief


How aligned is your team around your organization’s customer focus?

Use our proven survey to get valuable insights into what your team believes about your organization’s ability to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

The 2-hour Debrief will explore the three dimensions of your organization’s customer focus culture.