mabcx packages

Explore the different packages we offer and pick one that fits the current needs of your business. Each package is designed to deliver deep insights that help you build a successful future through the power of customer focus.

CX Team Assessment

Gain valuable insight into your organization’s customer focus.

Assess the level of customer-centricity in your business using the CX Team Assessment package. The Team Assessment is a structured survey of your employees designed to uncover actionable insights for your team. Stakeholders receive a detailed report of our findings.

Price: US$950

CX Awareness Training

Deliver effective customer experience
training for your team.

Leverage our experience of guiding hundreds of experts and leaders through the mechanics of customer loyalty. Book an in-depth CX Awareness training for up to 12 people. At the end of the training you will have a deep-er understanding of customer experience and how it applies to your business.

Full package

Get the best of everything with our fully
integrated 4-weeks program.

The full mabcx program delivers the full weight of our experience to your team in a compact format, at a standard price. This program provides the unique opportunity to build a reliable and repeatable Customer Experience for your organization

Build your own

Create a program that best fits your needs.

Book the diagnostic phase separately to get an outside perspective. Decide later if you want to proceed with the engagement and execution of your CX program. We offer either a 1-day awareness session, a CX design workshop, a deep leadership review, or expert guidance for your project managers using our field-proven implementation process.

CX Awareness Training

2-hour debrief with an mabcx expert

Book an mabcx expert to facilitate the conversion around the CX team assessment results.

That’s what our customers say about us

“The results of mabcx were beyond expectations with lots of “a-ha moments”. The team helped us see process gaps, diverging mindsets and the potentials in improving key Moments that Matter for our customers. We felt immediate benefit from the program and are grateful for the immense support from the mabcx team.”
Stacy Peterson, Founder and owner of Connoils